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About Alexander Tovborg

Born: 1983, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin, Germany


2004-2010: The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007-2009: Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste, Karlsruhe, Germany

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Alexander Tovborg

Practice: painting / multidisciplinary

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 In the work of young Danish artist Alexander Tovborg the carnivalesque, fantastic and folkloric inform what is ultimately a highly personal cosmology.

As titles such as 'The Moral', 'The Creator' or 'The Pilgrim' make clear, Tovborg's eclectic universe is underpinned by spiritual impulse; a hybrid belief system consisting of a diverse fusion of convention and arcana.

Sharing stylistic similarities with fellow Danish artists such as Peter Linde Busk, it's tempting to contemplate the emergence of a very recognisably Danish school of recent contemporary painting, with names such as Tal R a major influence.

But the wide-ranging nature of Tovborg's output and confident projections of an internal world make him an artist who very much stands on his own merits.

Added March 2011

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