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About Amir Mogharabi

Born: Shiraz, Iran, 1982

Lives and works in New York

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Amir Mogharabi

Practice: installation, performance

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 A young Iranian artist based in New York, Amir Mogharabi holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California.

While refuting indexicality and exactitude in meaning, Mogharabi's performances coupled with complex strategies of production result in powerful concrete works.

Added Jan 2011

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Artist's statement:

I have an intuitive relationship to materials, scenarios, settings and arrangements, which, from a sincere perspective, I refuse to reason into existence.

Instead, with the faith of a blind man, I make what I feel fits an ineffable dialogue that, indeed, exists on a plane that cannot be captured, exchanged or reproduced. Concepts therefore are not defined, but experienced on behalf of a system referring to itself and its own open-endedness.

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