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About Anne De Vries

Born: 1977, The Hague, Netherlands

Lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam

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Anne De Vries

Practice: photography / multidisciplinary

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"Transforming the known into an unknown" is a principal objective for Dutch artist Anne de Vries, whose carefully staged photographs aim to reveal the ludic potential in mundane objects such as the humble cardboard box, or - increasingly - revitalise the presence of images themselves through processes of decontextualisation and estrangement. (This objective has, in turn, led to more frequent use of disciplines such as installation, performance and object-making).

De Vries' highly accessible, often humorous practice has generated widespread interest online, where his work is often featured in blogs and compendiums.

At the same time, his contribution to the very current debate surrounding the stability and reception of image in a media-saturated age has ensured growing numbers of gallery appearances and critical attention from institutions such as the renowned Winterthur Collection.

Added Aug 2011

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