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About Brion Nuda Rosch

Born: Chicago, USA, 1975

Lives and works in San Francisco

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Brion Nuda Rosch

Practice: collage, assemblage

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 In the hands of Nuda Rosch, collage becomes an exercise in minimal intervention with maximum effect.

Prising both the uncanny and wryly humorous from found materials, Nuda Rosch energises the commonplace into a source of idiosyncratic meaning and revitalised visual presence.

Added Jan 2011

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Artist's statement:

The images and the collages are both humble and monumental. Minimal adjustments have been made, a waterfall placed over a waterfall, a new ridge placed over a mountain range, a vague monument placed over a field.

These ideas are monumental in scale, almost impossible, while also positioning room for our own reflection into the world around us. The monuments I create are non-monuments; they lack distinct meaning.

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