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About Charles Mayton

Born: 1974 USA
Lives and works in New York


2007: Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College, NY
2002: Ringling School of Art and Design, FL

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Charles Mayton

Practice: painting / installation

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 Charles Mayton's practice examines the various ways in which cultural artefacts can be redistributed and reanimated, with an increasingly acclaimed aspect of this enquiry centred on painting about painting.

A recent show, for example, took 'The Difficult Crossing', a 1926 work by René Margritte, as the starting point for an array of responses to the Belgian surrealist's image.

Ranging from dissections of Magritte's perspectival framework to analyses of colour palette, Mayton's painterly quotations (and paintings that also reference the practice of making them) veer from overt borrowings to far less obvious, meandering meditations.

In essence, Mayton's work provides an inspired documentation of inspiration itself: a pictorial overview of the manifold ways in which another's creativity can trigger our own in a constant process of reproduction and renewal.

Added Nov 2011

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