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About Daryl Brown

Born: London, UK

Lives and works in London

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Daryl Brown

Practice: sculpture

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 Despite clear allegiance to recent American sculptors such as Rachel Harrison, Patrick Hill and Ryan Johnson, British artist Daryl Brown is rapidly developing a distinctively personal vocabulary.

Taking the human form as starting point, Brown's amalgamation of influence is echoed by a magpie medley of materials, the resultant glut of colour, form and texture yoked into works of unlikely poise.

Tragi-comic in conception, Brown's structures offer a dualistic presence. At once frenetic, ramshackle and (literally) oozing with spontaneity, glimpsed from afar these well-formed works radiate something approaching gravitas: simultaneously measured and slightly manic.

Added Dec 2011

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Artist's statement:

"My work is an attempt to shatter the idea/creation divide. I am fascinated by materials and approach them like an alchemist; taking them from the real world, chewing them up and spitting them back out...."

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