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About Yonatan Vinitsky

Born 1980, Jerusalem, Israel. Lives and works in London.


2009 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2006 BA Hons Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, UK
1998 Fellow in the Academy of Media Arts (KHM), Cologne, Germany

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Yonatan Vinitsky

Practice: multidisciplinary

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 If work by Israeli artist Yonatan Vinitsky presents serpentine interpretative challenges, much of it also packs an undeniable visual punch.

His experiments with back-painting on acetate, for example, result in gorgeously sleek and shiny sculptural-painterly hybrids, while his string-based drawings resonate with an immediately quirky charm.

An eclectic and extensive range of materials is, indeed, central to Vinitsky's practice, as is a consistently exploratory consideration of their use.

Each and every element of a finished work is meticulously listed, a strategy which, while undeniably voguish, also serves to underline the importance of material choice within Vinitsky's ouevre.

Fundamental to narrative evolution as well as physical form, we're encouraged to believe that the thickness of polyester film, for example, could harbour meaning beyond its merely practical application.

This emphasis on tightly structured, although frequently elusive, authoring extends into Vinitsky's fascination with all aspects of presentation.

Works resembling display racks or pin-board mounts, for example, are both self-contained yet ambiguous in their transition to gallery space; other pieces assume far more standard plinth or frame-based presences.

The apparent heterogeneity governing much of Vinitsky's output - which could easily be seen as consisting of work by more than one artist - adds further to the intriguing sense of inscrutability dominating a paradoxically forthright and highly personal practice.

Added Feb 2013

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