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George Little

Born: 1988

Lives and works in London


2010-2012: MA, Fine Art Painting, Royal College Of Art, London
2007-2010: BA Hons Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton

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George Little

Practice: painting

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 Plumbing a rewarding vein in recent British painting which adopts the sombre palettes and semi-abstraction of home-grown post-war movements, George Little's compelling practice likewise carries echoes of new Danish painting as typified by artists such as Alexander Tovborg.

Any sense of familiarity, however, is offset by the obvious presence of an enticing new voice; Little's signature concerns include painterly exploration of vintage print effects such as ink overlays, as well as a fascination with food and the restaurant or cafe setting.

There's always been an obvious - though relatively under-explored - link between the fine and culinary arts, from fundamental questions of 'taste' to the idea of concocting exciting new flavours from standard ingredients.

In Little's more recent work, the studio doubles as a kind of kitchen in which - more interestingly - the etiquette and formalities involved in the presentation of food reflect the consumption of art itself.

As a kind of pictorial master chef, Little grapples with the logistics of combining decorative gesture and motif within a highly controlled, deftly layered pictorial space: a tension between expression and craft that's deliciously resolved and hard to resist.

Added Aug 2012

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