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About Julia Dault

Born: Toronto, Canada, 1977

Lives and works in New York, USA


2006-2008: MFA Fine Arts, Parsons, the New School for Design (Dean's Scholar)
1996-2001: BA Art History and Intellectual History (Honors), McGill University

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Julia Dault

Practice: sculpture, painting, installation

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 It's exciting to come across artists like Julia Dault - the real deal, creatively speaking, whose work is worth every bit of the hype it's certainly going to generate.

Converting what appear to be the simplest creative endeavours into luscious, luminous works that zing with instant appeal, Dault rolls and tethers, combs through wet paint, dips chunky brushes into multiple pigments and delights in fat, rainbow markings.

Such procedures are recognisable to all, reminiscent of school art classes when, as small kids, we were let loose with a bundle of kit and coaxed into releasing our inner creativity.

Except that there's nothing remotely child-like about Dault's supremely poised production.

Those undulating curves of formica and plexiglas, for instance, are teased into form with a lightness of touch that belies their inherent volatility - an apparent need, as anyone who has worked with large sheets of almost anything will recognise, to wobble out of shape, uncoil, or otherwise collapse.

Control is everything, despite Dault's emphasis on creative approaches that appear to endorse the opposite.

Added Jan 2012

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