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About Magalie Guérin

Born: Montreal, Canada, 1973

Lives and works in Chicago, USA


2011: MFA Painting, SAIC, Chicago USA
1997: AEC Commercial photography, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada
1994: DEC Commercial photography, Criminology, Cegep FXGarneau, Quebec, Canada

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Magalie Guérin

Practice: painting

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 Magalie Guérin may not, for the moment, be a name on most people's radar, but we've a hunch that this Canadian, Chicago-based artist is headed for great things.

A recent MA grad of Chicago's SAIC, Guérin's poised, meditative canvases transform everyday objects and signifiers into suggestive semi-abstractions; the likes of beans, butterflies and even quotation marks plied into new constellations of form and colour which, while emphatically poetic, never lose the traceable essence of their origin.

There's nothing new, of course, in such procedure, and Guérin's work abounds with allusion to venerable precursors. Francis Bacon's spatial manouevres are directly referenced in 'Bacon Bedroom', for example, and there are further, tentative, echoes of post-war semi-abstraction by the likes of William Scott.

Yet Guérin's quest for sensory quintessence is nonetheless distinctly her own, distilling the familiar into paintings that ably tackle the formal concerns of pure abstraction, while roundly denying its rejection of the tangible.

Added August 2012

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Artist's statement:

My whole intention in painting is to make something poetical that is grounded in reality. I want to evoke a mood of care and presence, to strike something that represents an emotional involvement. I create an environment, a stage where shapes can play certain parts. These characters are, in fact, human surrogates. There are tension and connection between them and one is left to wonder about the nature of the space, the 'where'. But I do not consider myself an abstractionist– to me, this IS reality.

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