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About Olve Sande

Born: 1984, Norway

Lives and works in Oslo and Berlin


2008-2011: BA, National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
2007-2008: Strykejernet Art School
2007: Modern Western Literature, University of Oslo
2004-2007: Oslo School of Architecure
2003-2004: Asker Art & design College

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Olve Sande

Practice: painting, sculpture

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 Many of Olve Sande's conceptually complex, often architectonically-inflected works are as likely to allude to literary production as they are to visual art itself.

His series of prints referencing T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland, for example, depict nothing but the editorial mark-up through which Eliot's mentor, Ezra Pound, amended and excised passages from one of the greatest Modernist texts. Other works similarly owe inspiration to literary classics, or refer to visual artists such as Frank Stella, David Smith and Franz Kline, alluding as much to their working methods as more tangible output.

If the presence of the cultural artefact and an urge to both literally and metaphorically investigate underlying structure seem central to Sande's earliest output, his latest works focus far more explicitly on the mechanics and phenomenology of his own practice.

Paradoxically locating the purest manifestation of the art object in processes of research and production, Sande pursues oblique routes to ostensibly gestural works; exposing, for example, the underside of a painted studio floor and its aleatory blueprint of past artistic practices and presences, or outlining the offcuts of a rejected sculpture to produce a drawing which, through its reliance on the withheld, defies the apparent expressivity of its execution.

Added August 2012

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