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About Tanja Roscic

Born: 1980, Zurich (Croatian-Albanian ethnicity)

Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland


2005-2008: University of Arts and Design, Zurich, BA Fine Arts
2003-2005: University of Zurich, BA Art History and Cinematography

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Tanja Roscic

Practice: painting / drawing / installation

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 Tanja Roscic's practice brims with barely-contained yet beautifully modulated dynamism.

Dark, intense and skimming the dangerous, her works are the product of an energy so irrepressible that anything serves as potential material; constituents which are then leashed into synthesis through a restless exploration of process including melting, liquefying, cutting and pouring.

This raw, reined-in 'authenticity' is reminiscent of the work of German artist Michaela Eichwald, whose equally unfettered practice has, in recent years, attracted many new admirers.

Current New York darling Abigail DeVille also explores similar territories, but without (so far) the consistency and formal finesse of Roscic's work which, despite its appearance of rough-hewn artistry, is highly crafted and acutely self-aware. An artist to watch.

Added March 2012

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