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About You Jin

Born: 1979, Shenyang, China

Lives and works in Beijing


2005: BFA Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China
2001: Affiliated High School of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

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You Jin

Practice: painting

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 Chinese contemporary art mega-hype may be temporarily on hold, but that doesn't mean collectors have stopped buying - particularly Chinese collectors themselves.

Four years ago You Jin's hallucinatory canvases would have been splashed across art mags everywhere; today they're under the international radar, but nonetheless delighting aficionados of oriental art while gaining steadily in price. It's an upward trend which, we predict, will escalate considerably.

You Jin's technique is intricately labour-intensive: swarms of painted squiggles coalesce into imagery like some kind of Photoshop-filtered pointilism. Intense colour - bright, saturated shades are as much a part of Chinese artistic inheritance as the subtleties of scroll painting - add to an extreme visual impact that's offset by the fragmentary, fragile nature of its execution.

It's a painting style that You Jin himself terms "Chaotic Codes of Art", and a recent move towards "more lines of Chinese style" and less frenetic, more measured composition should enhance the artist's reputation still further.

Added Dec 2011

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