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  • Samantha Donnelly New contemporary art - sorted
  • Aisling Hedgecock Aisling Hedgecock
  • Gerda Scheepers Gerda Scheepers
  • Greta Alfaro Greta Alfaro
  • Hans Lanner Hans Lanner

About artbroth

For those who love looking at contemporary art - and keeping track of new, emerging or simply overlooked talent - the options can be overwhelming.

While it's great to view art on literally thousands of websites, how much of what we see has a real chance of future success?

With a huge increase in sites to which anyone can contribute their art, tracking down high quality artists online too often feels like hard work.

Art chosen by experts

Artbroth, however, is all about expert, informed opinion. Aiming to showcase the most promising new or overlooked artists, our selection panel is headed by Mike Brennan, chief writer for contemporary art site, and includes well known artists, critics and cultural pundits.

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