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Text size and how to change it

If you find that the text is too small for you to read, try changing its size using your browser's View menu:

In Firefox and other Mozilla browsers, use the View > Zoom option.

In Windows Internet Explorer, use the View > Text Size option.

In Safari, use the View > Make Text Bigger option.

In Chrome, use the View > Zoom In option.

If you use a wheel-mouse, you may be able to change the text size by holding down the Control or Command key and turning the wheel.

An Apple Mac 'magic mouse' allows you to zoom in by holding down the Ctrl key and moving your finger on the mouse surface.

In some browsers you can zoom in or out using Control or Command and the + and - keys.

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Accessibility keys and how to use them

If you prefer to access areas of this website without having to click your mouse, you can use a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Depending on which browser you use, you will need to press the following key (or keys) along with our access keys, which are listed under the heading Access keys for this site.

Internet Explorer 6+ (PC)

Hold down the ALT key, press the character of the access key, release both keys then press Enter.

Firefox, Mozilla (PC)

Hold down the ALT key and press the character of the access key.

Firefox, Mozilla (Mac)

Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key.

Google Chrome (PC)

Hold down the ALT key and press the access key.

Google Chrome (Mac)

Hold down the ALT + CTRL keys and press the access key.


Hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the access key.

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Access keys used in this site:

Home - H

Artist pages, start - A

Submit art - S

Viewing categories, general - V

View artists A-Z - Z

View artists by nationality - N

View artists by medium - M

This accessibility page - 0

Privacy policy - 2

Contact page - 3

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